Seeds of Hope

God has brought Claire Natwongyera to the Rock Family for a special purpose. Claire has been a strong leader and asset to the dairy project as she completes her studies in Agriculture Science and Entrepreneurship.  Her diligence and care for the dairy cows has helped the Rock secure a good price for the sale of the herd.

Claire was recommended by Rev. Rebecca Nyegenye, the UCU chaplain, who shared with us, “she lost both parents.” The deaths were traumatic for her as one family tragedy after another occurred over property conflicts finally leaving her without any parents when she was six years old. Shortly afterward her parents died, her aunt protected her for family challenges then she lost her brother to kidney problems. Her only close relative is an aunt who has cancer but praise the Lord" the treatments are working and she is much better" says Claire.  In 2005 Claire accepted Jesus at a crusade and was involved as an usher in church and teaching Sunday school. To help make ends meet on the finances she has worked in a hospital records department and also assisted with university registration.

Claire has been active assisting the chaplaincy office and as a member of the Mustard Seed Worship team, along with being on the UCU Election Committee overseeing the integrity of campus elections. Being from MBarrara, Uganda which is known for its focus on cattle ranching, we are excited to see how Claire is multiplying what she is learning in the Rock. Recently Claire shared during a discipleship discussion about winning the battle of your mind her thoughts.  It is important to be careful what you read.  "I have stopped reading horoscopes because I don't want to trust anything but God.  Also I don't want to allow the enemy to have a crack in the door of my mind."

She is scheduled to graduate in July of 2013.