University Students A Great Investment

In September of 2006 the Rock Outreach started a scholarship program with one law student attending Uganda Christian University. Later students were added from Kabale Comprehensive School of Nursing and Makerere University Business School (MUBS). The program was based on outstanding scholarship, leadership ability and need.  The Rock went on to have 2 law, 2 nursing, 1 business computing, 2 library and information science, 1 information technology, 2 social work, 1 procurement, 2 business, 1 accounting, 1 agricultural science and entrepreneurship, 1 public administration and management students who graduated from university.  After graduation the majority of the students either got full time jobs, started NGOs or CBOs, their own businesses or went for further studies. Currently they are supporting themselves and contributing to society.

After being involved with mercy homes, sponsorship programs for primary and secondary children, starting micro finance and university scholarship programs we evaluated the outcome of each area. We found that the scholarship program produced the most fruit spiritually along with breaking the cycle of poverty. All of the other programs were good and provide mercy and spiritual training but there was not the same multiplication spiritually, emotionally or economically.

We discovered that many of the scholarship students went on to pay for their siblings education, started 4 ministries helping others and several started their own businesses.  To date all of them are self sustainable and the Rock is not providing any personal financial support.  These graduates are change agents in both Uganda and Kenya and are making a difference.

As a result we moved our resources into developing the ministry to university students at Uganda Christian University. The university has over 8,500 students and has several campuses. If you would like to help a Ugandan university student attend Uganda Christian University, Uganda Christian University Partners has a ministry to provide designated funds for students you may wish to assist.  You can contact Mark Bartel at their website. Home - Uganda Christian University Partners (

The Process of Understanding Your Practical God-Given Skills

Graduating from university is an exciting but scary time for most students even in the U.S.  It is a transition time of going from being a student to an adult professional.  To prepare for the change it requires a shift in the student’s paradigm and concrete evidence of how God created them and how their brain processes information.  Through the years since 2009, I have been helping students and recently discovered that you can have a good CV/Resume buy still not see yourself as a resource unless you know your skills and evidence of them. 

Mark and I focus on discipleship and knowing our identity in Christ from a spiritual standpoint in all the teaching we do. In addition we have discovered the practical skills we have that are transferable to the workplace can make a difference in how we offer the skills which are used in a variety of environments be it work, church, home or community. This ministry to the students is fun and very practical along with giving us an opportunity to really get to know the students well.

As students request assistance about learning their God-Given skills, creating a CV/resume and looking for a job, Isend the email below introducing them to the process before they come for their 2-3 hour appointment:

Below is the process of preparing you for your job search. Please be on time because we have much to cover, please communicate before your appointment time if you have to cancel. You are beginning a journey as an adult professional.  I think you will find the session interesting.  To save time, If possible write seven short paragraphs before you come to about yourself per the instructions below.

The Process:
To identify your God given transferable skills and work on your CV/Resume I need you to write 7 short paragraph stories.  The idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to hire you without guessing what skills you have.  It is a way of being direct about the things you want to do as part of the job you desire to get. It allows me to help you give a complete picture of your skills and abilities. The older CV/resume formats are usually very incomplete as far as the evidence of a person's abilities. It makes a difference to the employer to see the numbers of clients you have worked with or the specific amounts of money you have handled because it shows proof that you have a skill.  It is evidence, not your opinion.

Please send me scans or original documents like certificates, O level and A level grades or other certificates. We will create an online file of all your documents so it will make it very easy for you to apply for things you are interested in doing in the future.

Also if you can write some notes on your 7 stories it will help me also as we discern your God-given skills that transfer to the workplace. These are the skills you do best and enjoy the most and you have done them since childhood in one way or another. It helps me know you better and integrate the skills into the CV.  Below are the things we will cover in the process.

1.      7 different little stories about yourself from the time you were very little.  Each story can be a short paragraph but from the stories I will be able to see what the skills are God has given you. Think about when you were very young even as young at 3 yrs. old and remember the very first time someone praised you or complimented you on something you did with excellence. Usually it is something where you did something you really enjoyed and many people recognized that you had talent in this area and told you so.

2.     Write in a journal a short paragraph about the experience.  Be conscience of using "ing" words which describe the skill you were using. Example:  Singing, analyzing, entertaining, coaching, teaching, negotiating or budgeting.  These are all transferable skills that can be done in a variety of environments or settings such as school, home, community, church or workplace.

3.     After you write the 7 stories you may see a pattern of things you do well that are valuable resources in the workplace.  It is important for you to know yourself well so you are able to present yourself as a "resource" to a company rather than a "beggar" for a job.

4.    This is the first step to gaining confidence before you go for a job interview.  If you know yourself well you know where you can be successful and where your skills fit.  It also helps you know where to apply for jobs with the highest percentage of success.

5.   We will analyze the skills so you present yourself in a CV in the most positive light so it increases the percentage chance for getting a job you will enjoy.

6.  The next step is writing a CV that is short but qualitative and quantitative so the interviewer is very clear what skills you have and that they are documented.  It is like presenting a case in court with the evidence so the person reading the CV knows the person has the skills and has demonstrated them in real life.  This gives the interviewer information that the person has practical experience and will prove you are capable of doing specific tasks without you saying "I'm great at this or that."  It gives specific information with how many people you lead on a team and how much money you managed in a budget.  It is a short one page CV but paints a very thorough picture of the person's abilities.  It is an honest appraisal of what the person loves to do and how they may contribute specific skills to an organization.

7.  Next we create a personalized job strategy that provides step by step instructions on how to get a job you will enjoy and be qualified to do. We will discuss your skills and companies you may want to consider applying to for a job.

I've attached the basic job strategy form but it doesn't list your skills or specific companies or organizations where you should apply for jobs.

Also you can create personalized thank you note stationery which presents you as a professional and someone who has a grateful style.  The job strategy document explains this more. 

Once we have all your documents, you CV and a professional friendly picture, we are ready to create a LinkedIn account. It is important to be very organized before setting up the account because it is live to the world instantly so it is good to put your best foot forward when you enter the international marketplace.

The process is important for your confidence and preparation as to how to step out and be able to enjoy the process of looking for a job.  Please let me know you received this email and  if you have any questions.

God bless you,


The students are getting prepared and many are getting jobs and it is so exciting to see them moving into the next phase of life.

Difference Makers for the Kingdom

Joseph, Gorret, Claire, Michael and David
at the Rock Resource Center
With your help, we develop strong Christian leaders through education, mentoring and encouragement in Africa. Our past scholarship program which concludes in 2014 has included hardworking students with a strong record of Christian leadership and academic achievement. The students meet weekly for leadership and discipleship training through The Rock. In January 2013 the students will join the BOLD fellowship group of students, graduates and mentors wanting to stand firm to fight corruption and honor God through their daily lives and careers. 

The Rock has provided through the donors and sale of our dairy cows, a muliple year scholarship required to get a degree for these students. In line with our emphasis on self sustainability, all the students have worked on The Rock's dairy farm to learn practical, transferable work and business skills while at the same time earning money to pay for part of their expenses. The Rock Resource Center Manager oversees the students, resource center and models leadership and teamwork on a day to day basis.  We need disciples/mentors who love the Lord and want to model strong business leadership principles for the students so they can learn from experienced Christians how to live out a life in all aspects of community, business, family and church service.  Are you interested in being blessed in this way?  Call or email us.  We need your help!