Obtain the Victory in the Time to Come

However difficult it has been for Gorret Nakayaga since she lost both of her parents and at seven years old found herself living at their home with her older primary age sister being the head of the household, she shared, “ God has loved me.” Even before she became a “born-again” Christian, she said, “God cared for me and was by my side.”

Often we hear this sad story of a polygamist father leaving the mother then both end up dying of AIDS and leaving their children to fend for themselves. Gorret’s mother was a believer and did what she could to provide for her children’s school before she died. But things are tough in Uganda when children are left at home with no one to care for them. After living by themselves for one school term their grandmother came for the children and now they live with her in Ssenge.

Even though things were very hard God was watching over Gorret and providing for her to go to school. In 2003 Gorrett explains “ I was so much in despair, stressed and felt that I was not worth living on earth. All through this I talked to one of the born again brothers (head of Scripture Union). He talked to me about salvation and within me I felt that maybe Jesus could be the solution to all the problems and so I decided to confess Jesus Christ as the personal savior of my life.” Shortly after her commitment Jesus opened more doors. Her life was transformed as she was given one leadership position after another. “ I joined Scripture Union and I was chosen to be on the executive team as a class representative and treasurer and became a choir leader. I have never regretted by walk in salvation despite the ups and downs I meet.  My prayer is Christ who has sailed me through all the past years holds me strong and gives me the courage to withstand all the circumstances that I come across so as to obtain the victory in the time to come,” concluded Gorret when she shared her life story.

God has opened another door for her as a Rock Leader working towards a Bachelors Degree in Business Computing at Uganda Christian University.   She has enjoyed the BOLD fellowship teaching pertaining to our Identity in Christ and is multiplying by sharing the information with her friends in the choir and on campus. Gorret is an example of how practical discipleship changes lives.